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  1. Great customer service! Edibles taste great and are delicious! I recommend the brownies (I’m just a chocolate lover) Marios brothers is my favorite strain at the moment, very stony and flavorful.

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  2. This service here is by far one of the best I’ve dealt with throughout ALL Ventura county. It’s ran by a very well organized individual who strives to provide the best customer service around. His honesty and the knowledge behind his product(s) is a huge plus making him a professional service provider. The variety of strains and the freshness of his edible is always great and you can see the effort in what he does in all of the meets you have with him. I encourage all locals to consider his service for their next source of delivery. Satisfaction guaranteed 😁😁😁 !


  3. Madindica is one of the best out there to get you that tree or edible!!!! I love Mario brothers, gets my mornings off to a great start everyday! The brownies are amazing, anything offered I suggest you try it all!!!!!! Guaranteed to meet your satisfactions and have a nice high! Like being super Stoney or just a melow high, choose madindica! Ask about the joints and how perfect it is rolled. Get your medical needs of marijuana with madindica!!!


  4. Its nice knowing that Oxnard has a close new outlet, With top shelf .That can relive what pains & or diminishes the worries without adverse side effects to my wallet . Nice, . straight , easy folks who , have gone through all the correct procedures , for the patients they care for.. Surely you will be glad you gave them a chance , Just as myself


  5. From registration to the hand shake, all positives…Trial and error period is now over. The grass is greener in Madindica’s yard, Hop the fence my friend.


  6. So I have been using deliveries a long time and MADINDICA is deffinetly top notch. Great delivery times and a call if there’s a delay. Very professional. And makes you feel very comfortable. As for the buds… Great buds, great taste, and they know which strains are the best if you tell them what you want. Big ups to the 3/4 flavored rolled blunts for 5 bucks (no one in all la and Ventura county have better ones for the price). And a weekly raffle for free goods…COUNT ME IN!! Johnny is very professional and knows his stuff. Gotta give it a 5 out of 5! It’s not how many strands you got its the quality in the strands you got!! Thanks guys!


    • Always looking for a new delivery place. I am a first patient and got an awesome free 3/4 gram blunt and 5% off. I called these guys and got some great GSC. I’m a Deff indica fan and this hybrid kills it. And a few blunts for 5 bucks each topped it off! You gotta try these guys! Most professional delivery I have used. And don’t forget to tell them to fill out a free entry to the raffle.


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